”The promise of punk is that you don’t need anything fancy to do something great. You don’t need fancy technique to be an artist; stencils and spray paint will work. And you don’t need a desk in a newsroom to be a journalist; the Xerox machines at your copy shop will do.” (by Joshua Benton)

Why This Week in eCommerce?

We came a long way from the original site ecompunk.com, which we ran since 2010. But over time the format kept changing and also our lifestyle and schedule. Therefore we decided to let the ecomPunk retire and launched This Week in eCommerce.bildmarke_twinec_02

Every week we work hard to solve a problem many of you will know: limited time to catch up with all the news happening in the ecommerce sphere and identifying important from unimportant topics. We do this primarily via our RSS feeds with filters, as well as Twitter and Facebook, where we cherry pick the most important topics to be read. At this stage we already share the articles with you via @theecomweek. And by the end of each week we record and publish the latest episode of This Week in eCommerce as podcast together with a blog post linking to the articles we discussed. We chose to limit the podcast to half an hour as this is best for a run or commute to work when you start into the new week.

We really hope you enjoy This Week in eCommerce and it helps you to stay up to date. If you have feedback or questions for us, just drop us an email or contact us via one of our profiles below.

Alexander Ringsdorff

FOUNDER & ENTREPRENEUR IN ECOMMERCE SINCE 2001. Being involved in ecommerce activities since I am a teenager and gaining a lot of experience during 15 years of building an e-commerce consultancy and systems integrator, as well as running the e-com business for a large UK based retailer and founding a SaaS mobile-first e-commerce startup, I decided to spread the word about ecommerce. I’m located in New York, US. More about me.

Kai-Thomas Krause

Constantly looking for new opportunities I moved on my career path from classical retail to ecommerce and lately mobile commerce over the last two decades. Eager to find out the latest trends and technologies I’m always kind of researching what’s going on. This Week in ECommerce is the perfect channel for me to write and talk about the discoveries in the ecommerce world. Within loads of projects I worked for big international retailers and brands to bring them in the digital world. I’m located in Hannover, Germany.

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