Episode 5: Retail Automation, More on Payment and the Death of Apps

In this episode Alex & Kai talk more about the the actual development of the payment landscape, especially Apple Pay in the web and Samsungs further rollout. The automation of retail and logistics is another interesting topic, as well as we discuss the possible death of the app (as we know it).

More on Payment

Apple Pay Is Coming to All Shopify Stores This Fall – https://goo.gl/zJCQdu

Shopify leads slew of retail partners implementing Apple Pay for Web – http://goo.gl/Vrsj3B

Apple takes on PayPal with Apple Pay on the web – https://goo.gl/94RVKl

Samsung Pay launches in Australia to take on “tap-and-go” credit cards – https://goo.gl/ZeKIrq

Facebook ups its ecommerce game by trialing payments for Pages – http://goo.gl/538O3b

PayPal advances mobile checkout convenience new One Touch log-in requirements – http://goo.gl/ZwrlbN


Retail Automation

Should Retail Brace For Workforce Automation? – http://goo.gl/nSPUkG

Wal-Mart’s drone at a distribution center highlights efficiency – https://goo.gl/DwrjZT

Are Robots Better At Delivering Customer Service Than People? – http://goo.gl/CDN4FY


The Death of Apps?

The app boom is over – http://goo.gl/053hfL

Who needs an app? – https://goo.gl/VBqyHd

Attract new customers with mobile sites rather than apps: Shinola exec – http://goo.gl/GXzqff

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