Welcome to This Week in ECommerce

Bildmarke_400x400It’s been a long process. Some 5 years ago we posted the first article on ecompunk.com. With a changing set of authors we kept the punk alive and kicking with a nice audience for that long. But after the years our professional experience developed, so did our writing style and area of interest. Therefore we decided to let the punk go and open up a new project – This Week in ECommerce. Alex and Kai will watch the ecommerce world and aggregate the most important topics for you in less than 30 minutes each week. We will publish a recap post each week as well as a podcast, where we discuss these topics. We hope you enjoy the new idea and travel with us through the interesting world of ecommerce.

We also will start to create special episodes with interesting people from our ecommerce network and focus on trending topics.

Please follow us on SoundcloudTwitter or Facebook and tell us what you think about This Week in ECommerce!

You can find the first episode here: Instant Apps, VR Commerce and Natural Language Tech – This Week in ECommerce (CW20)

Alex & Kai

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