Episode 1: Instant Apps, VR Commerce and Natural Language Tech – This Week in ECommerce (CW20)

The week has been quite busy, with Google dominating the news with its I/O conference. But also Virtual Reality and the bots keep the ecommerce world busy. Find out more in our podcast:


Google Instant Apps & I/O

Google Instant Apps Developer Program – https://goo.gl/E0MTYt

Google I/O recap – http://goo.gl/a2tBqm


Virtual Reality Commerce

Virtual Reality in the brick and mortar world  – http://goo.gl/Sf5935

4 hurdles that keep virtual reality from being mainstream – http://bit.ly/22kMMwG


Natural Language Technology for ecommerce

GoButler becomes Angel.ai – http://goo.gl/ouzrLl


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