Episode 3: Salesforce on Shopping tour, Home Assistants and Instagram for Business

Salesforce went shopping last week. And it’s latest addition to its acquisition collection: the ecommerce platform Demandware. The sale included an amazing 2.8 bn $ US price. Alex & Kai will discuss what this means for the ecommerce landscape and especially Demandware.

During the last weeks the little helpers (aka Amazon Alexa & Google Home) popped up in the news. Where Google just announced its Home device to be available later this year, Alexa is alive and kicking for quite some time now. We take a closer look at how this special area of ecommerce evolves.

Also social commerce is not dead (we actually never said that…), but is taking place somewhere else than just the buy buttons. And Instagram is proving it with releasing their new business tools to help marketing content.



Link Collection

Salesforce on Shopping Tour

Salesforce buys Demandware for $2.8B, taking a big step into e-commerce – http://goo.gl/OLv6AH

Latest Salesforce Mega Deal Highlights Challenges of Tech Integration – http://goo.gl/53cmc1

Salesforce.com Overpays Big-Time For Demandware Acquisition – http://goo.gl/PEQIso

Demandware Press Release – http://goo.gl/nRiYpC


Home Assistants

Amazon Alexa now has over 1,000 Skills, up from 135 in January – http://goo.gl/ctQVvz

Google Home is official, and Amazon Echo should be worried – http://goo.gl/SQReX2

Wikipedia on Amazon Echo / Alexa – https://goo.gl/3LiOH1

Google Home Notification sign up – https://goo.gl/0gCLFY


Instagram for Business

Commerce at Twitter is not dead – http://goo.gl/AYbkQy

Instagram officially announces its new business tools – http://goo.gl/YkOKib


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