Episode 2: Progressive Web Apps, Payment APIs, Buy Buttons and Sephora’s innovation initiative in our weekly recap (CW21)

In this weeks episode Kai & Alex talk about the Progressive Web App (PWA) technology that was presented by Goolge on the I/O 2016. Also about payment APIs and Android and Apple Pay which seem to come to the browser and Twitter that closed its ecommerce team and therefore the buy button. The last topic is Sephora, which has an amazing innovation run going on with lots of new initiatives.

Progressive Web Apps

WTF are Progressive Web Apps?

Google Developer Program – Progressive Web Apps https://goo.gl/JwSLCS


Payment APIs

Google’s Mobile Payments API will help bring Android Pay to the mobile Web 

Apple Pay Coming to Mobile Websites Before Holiday Shopping Season http://goo.gl/VVQbii

Can PayPal hold its ground in mobile payments?


Buy Buttons

Twitter has disbanded the team that created the ‘Buy’ button 

Why buy buttons on Pinterest and Instagram haven’t taken off for retailers 


Sephoras Innovation Inititive

Sephora boosts in-store services with mobile booking capability

Sephora cultivates insight and Kik followers in interactive quiz

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